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Meet the team

Victoria Cockroft Victoria Cockroft

Victoria Cockroft

Managing Director

This industry has been in my blood since I was a teenager when I was scouted by a top Manchester model agency. Working all over the country and abroad.

Since working as a model for over 10 years, my career changed paths and I became a model booker, working for large established agencies in the North, gaining experience in the different divisions – photographic, casting & creatives.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the fantastic team I work with, who make my day-to-day job an absolute joy plus the brilliant talent that we represent and the fantastic clients we speak to each day.

It’s taken a lot of hard work and determination but I wouldn’t do anything else!

My home life consists of my adorable dogs whom I love dearly and they keep it real. Married to Jonny, who I’ve been with for 25 years, married for 18 years, my rock and my best buddie and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him!

Rachel Fleming Rachel Fleming

Rachel Fleming

Head of Casting

Hello everyone! 

I’m Rachel and I’m Head of Casting here at Face. I deal with film, TV, commercial, presenting and any video work. I’ve been here since February 2019 and what I love most about my job is calling up an actor and telling them they have been offered a part they auditioned for. Best feeling ever! I graduated from Northumbria Uni with a First-Class Honours’ degree in Film & TV Production back in 2016, then went into the industry as an Assistant Director. I wanted to get into casting very early on in my Uni days, but never really thought it was attainable. I always think this job came at just the right time, and was meant to be!

I live with my fella Tom. We’re inseparable, couldn't live without him! My favourite place on Earth is DisneyWorld Florida. I love: vegan junk food, vegan choc, tea, naps, wine and Wagamama! 

My favourite film is Scream. Obsessed with it. I love Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Dexter, anything that keeps me guessing. Modern Family is my happy show.

I love presents, so if you want to send me gifts it would be much appreciated hehe

Robyn Broom Robyn Broom

Robyn Broom

Head of Supporting Artists Division

Hiya, I joined the Face Family in May 2019 and I’m Head of the Supporting Artist division here. I studied Film and Theatre at University and wanted to go into the Casting field so when I saw the job opportunity for a new casting assistant and supporting artist booker arise – I knew I had to work here.
I have a 3 year old daughter with my boyfriend. She’s called Lola and she is my absolute world, even though she never lets us get any sleep so I drink way too much coffee to keep me sane. I have a slight obsession with K-Dramas – I’m yet to find one I don’t like. I love my job and although it keeps me attached to my emails and phone 24/7 – I wouldn’t change it. 

I believe I’ve successfully grown the Supporting Artist division here at Face and I’ll work to continuously find new and exciting work for my lovely SA’s. The girls at Face make my job as great as it is. If we didn’t all get on so well and have the relationship we do, it’d be a much different environment. It’s nice to work somewhere where everyone respects and appreciates each other.

Lacey Wilson Lacey Wilson

Lacey Wilson

Head Model Booker

I’ve been at Face since July 2019, although my official job title is ‘Head Model Booker’ I’m also referred to as ‘The Annoying One’, ‘The Office Pest’, and when the girls need a favour ‘The Child Licencing Goddess’.  I generally deal with the Adult, Child and Family model bookings, I love getting to know all of our talent and recruiting new talent! I don’t think I could pick a favourite thing about working at Face, although it doesn’t really feel like work – we’re a family! I’ve worked on so many exciting campaigns over the past few years and I love working with our regular clients.

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘they could talk for England’ was most DEFINITELY talking about me! I could talk about absolutely anything for hours. Work, animals, space, food, tattoos, nature, mental health, feminism, conspiracy theories, psychology – the list goes on forever! (Don’t get me started on the concept of time, you’ll regret it – I promise…)

I love all animals - I have 3 snakes and a cat, and my snakes are all named after Harry Potter characters because I’m a HP nerd. Out of work you can usually find me cuddled up in bed with my cat Diva playing Animal Crossing or watching True Crime Documentaries. I have over 20 tattoos, a few too many facial piercings (sorry Dad!) and I change my hair colour way too often. I LOVE cake and chocolate so I’m all about spreading body positivity and preaching Mental Health. I’m not very good at short introductions and I’ve already wasted however many words spouting absolute nonsense (good job I decided against becoming a motivational speaker).

Demi Griffin Demi Griffin

Demi Griffin

Model Booker

I have been at Face since August 2020; I have always been interested in being involved in the creative industry and enjoy all things organisation! I have A-levels in Business, Sociology and Law but turns out I don’t want to be a lawyer - oh well. My favourite things about working at Face are all the laughs with the girls (especially on a Friday afternoon when nobody can speak), and getting to know all the lovely talent.

I have a crazy cat called Oscar, who likes to jump around the house at 3:00am. I am a Harry Potter fan and with my last name being Griffin, naturally I’m a Gryffindor. I love travelling and New York is at the top of my visit list, although I need to wait until I’m 21 first! My dream would be to go to America, hire a fancy motorhome and just travel through all the must-see places.

I also love food and get a takeaway almost every day, not great I know! Chinese with salt and pepper chips is top tier though, how can I not?

Katherine Reynolds Katherine Reynolds

Katherine Reynolds

Casting Assistant

Hello! I’m Katherine, the Casting Assistant at Face Management. Myself and Rachel are the all vegan casting team! The way to my heart is vegan chocolate, which you can often find me nibbling on at my desk. I always have a coffee in my hand.

The majority of my conversations in the office revolve around food and adding series/films to the never ending to-watch list.

I studied Theatre and Performance at the University of Leeds, and after a few years back home in Manchester, I joined the lovely ladies at Face in January 2021, it’s good to be back! 

My weekends are filled with lots of tv, looking after my plants, making homemade oat milk, eating lots of pasta or ramen, drinking tasty tasty vino, and the odd margarita.

Alana Elliott Alana Elliott

Alana Elliott

Social Media Manager

I am proud to say I have been a part of Face right from the start as a model! I met Vicky (our Founder & MD here at Face) over a decade ago when I travelled across the waters from the land of potatoes (N.Ireland) to start my uni and modelling adventure. She has been my agent, boss, friend, shoulder to laugh & cry on (we laugh a lot) and really my Yorkshire mum ever since. I now manage all things social here at Face; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs & monthly newsletters. I have a degree in Marketing & Advertising Management and almost finished a Masters in Psychology. I love; dogs, travelling, laughing, The Big Bang Theory, chocolate and pizza which I would eat every day if my fiancé Josh let me - fun story: I met him on a photo shoot for a mattress company and when we had to lay in bed all day and cuddle… can’t wait to tell our kids that story one day. My favourite quote I live by is: “you always regret the things you didn’t do, more than the things you did”. Eat the pizza!